MISFIT DOC: Sorry: A Woman’s Comprehensive List of Apologies

Wednesday morning:

My cat for my being a mediocre owner

The barista at the coffee shop for the long line I had nothing to do with

A man on the street who told me I should smile

My boss before I asked for a raise

My boss after I asked for a raise


Wednesday afternoon:

The dentist at the start of my appointment when he first looked in my mouth

A mannequin I bumped into in a department store

A cockroach before and after I squished it

My hair stylist when she saw my roots

The bookstore owner for spending an hour in his shop and buying just one book

My friend after she complained I apologize too often


Wednesday evening:

A dog that I made eye contact with while it was urinating on the sidewalk

The waiter at a restaurant after I didn’t order the special they recommended

My bowling teammates after I made a gutter ball

The bowlers in the next lane when my ball knocked down three of their pins

A post on Instagram I captioned #SorryNotSorry

My cat again after she saw me looking at pictures of other cats on the Internet


Emily Marchant lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest. You can follow her on Twitter at @emilyymarchant 

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