sightless, you see

(Yanyun Chen, 飯。菜。湯。2014)

time comes out of the future, which does not yet exist,
into the present, which has no duration,
and into the past, which has ceased to be

— alison macleod

sightless you were born
but taught me you did
that seeing and sight are not
the same

as you lie there, I’m no longer
quite sure if I am lying
when I think to myself how much better it were
for you to no longer be here

between us — 性感 :
the sounds of the notes we played,
our blind dance

I thought you wouldn’t know
couldn’t tell there was a window beyond.
only now do I see, that it was you
who first showed me that to see is
to open oneself to what could be

you’ve never gone gently
whether in light or night; so why should we think
that whilst lying there, you are not
laughing in the face of what causes us most fright


Jeremy Fernando
May 2017

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