Vlad’s Predictions for the Future

  • Can I have a jar of the future?

-What sort do you want?

  • Bright, please.

The future is what will happen in the time after the present.

That the past is a time that will never happen again is in no doubt.

The future is the time that will never happen, but there is hope that we will see it.

When I was twenty, I was sure that the apocalypse would happen in the year 2000. Our world had many reasons for being destroyed. There were two irreconcilable systems: democracy and totalitarianism. In the 80s, the world began to unite. Will, I am sure that Mr. Huylo stood in the way of progress. Today, the obstacle is Mr. Trump – Mr. Huylo’s best friend.

However, today I changed my mind and here’s why. Trump – Huylo is an old wave that will take us to a new world.

This is how I see the near future. Because the distant future is something I can’t afford.

1 // President Trump will be impeached.

2 // This year, there will be a revolution in Russia.

3 // There will be the establishment of a direct People’s democracy throughout the world.

4 // The administrative apparatus will be transparent. Everyone will be able to see what an official is doing, whether that’s scratching his dick or thinking about how to improve our life.

5 // Property will disappear. La propriété, c’est le vol!. Property is theft!

6 // The typical official will have the correct mental qualities for their position, but not the ability to kiss the ass of superiors.

7 // Taxes will be abolished. Taxation is theft!

8 // Money will be a measure of value, but not a product like now.

9 // Work will become a privilege, not an obligation.

10 // The special services will be destroyed. Less secrets – more knowledge.

11 // Cars will not be driven by people, but by cars themselves. We will abolish the transport police. It does not protect us, but rob us.

12 // True Artificial intelligence will be created and the era of mankind will end.

13 // The new being will be same-sex. The relationship between a man and a woman is a problem. You can’t betray yourself.

14 // The new creation will abolish death.

15 // We will not conquer the universe. We will create our own universes.

16 // Man will become like God.

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one


1 //  Импичмент президента Трампа.

2 // Революция в России.

3 // Установление в мире прямой народной демократии.

4 // Прозрачность управленческого аппарата.

5 // Исчезнетсобственность. The property will disappear La propriété, c’est le vol. Property is theft!

6 // Назначение на должность по умственным качествам, а по умению лизать жопу своим начальникам.

7 // Будут упразднены налоги.

8 // Деньги будут деньгами, а не товаром.

9 // Работа станет привилегией, а не обязанностью.

10 // Упразднение спец служб. Меньше секретов – больше знаний.

11 // Автомобилями будут не люди, но автомобили. Мы упраздним транспортную полицию. Оно не охраняет, а грабит нас.

12 // Мы создадим сверх интеллект.

13 // Мы победим смерть.

14 // Человек станет однополым. Отношения между мужчиной и женщиной это проблемы. Себе вы изменить не можете.

15 // Мы не будем покорять вселенную. Человек будет создавать свои собственные вселенные.

16 // Человек станет Богом

Vlad* Savich was born in the USSR, where he was educated, married and fathered his daughter. As soon as the chance appeared to leave, he did. At present he lives in Montreal, where he writes, directs for the theatre and breathes the air of freedom. He can be found online at savich.lit.com.ua.
*He prefers not to be called Vladimir, so as not to be associated with the disreputable activity of a certain barnardine Russian leader.

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