12.5 review: Hour of the Wolf by M. Kitchell

1 // This book is broken up into 5 cycles and they are not so much read as experienced.

2 // When it happened before, the first time I awoke to discover I had somehow killed all electrical currents through a half-block radius, I couldn’t move. (pg. 25)

3 // I’d suggest this as a soundtrack for the book.

4 // There are several haunting black and white photos throughout the book that are both complimentary and also, at times, stand at odds to the text which seems to work on both accounts.

5 // It feels as though the main character is being watched.

6 // The figure slowly, painfully, stands up. Feathers clumped in viscera fall to the floor like ruffled flesh. The sound that comes out of the figures mouth is horrible. The voice refuses gender, is barely human, but speaks in a tonality that I can understand. Speaks beyond language, insists only on sounds. I wonder if this is what god sounds like. (pg. 43)

7 // At its skeletal core this book could be described as a good old-fashioned mystery novel.

8 // This book invokes some of the wonder of the fantasy genre.

9 // As culinary accompaniment, I’d suggest…snake soup.

10 // The first image N sees is a young boy, terrible mutant horses, four of them, surrounding the boy. The young boy is nude and, in the background, behind the mutant fauna N can make out the black-robed men and women of his dream, faces indeterminate. (pg. 63)

11 // I’ve no idea if this was an inspiration for the book or not but I just saw it recently and it is certainly complimentary.

12 // Get to know Mr. M. Kitchell

12.5 // Inside the Castle is doing great things. Check out this and more of their books here.

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