Seeking Reviewers!!!

Hi Queen Mob’s Teahouse Readers,

We are currently looking to broaden our pool of book reviewers. Oftentimes, publishers

send us info on a new exciting title, but we just don’t have enough reviewers out there to cover it…

So we are changing it up a little and creating a network of reviewers, where we can get you in touch with the folks who want to get their books out there. We are also open to your suggestions about books to review and we can help a get a review copy in your hands.



We will focus on the latest small press titles and review formats are pretty flexible– as they always have been.

If you’re interested please send over a short sample of your review work (or a link) and a short bio. Write REVIEWER in teh subject plzzzz.

Send to: fiction [at]

Cool? Cool.

Can’t wait to hear from you,

Allison Grimaldi-Donahue

Fiction Editor

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