Alfredo Jaar in Singapore

alfredo at the CCA


« … He came to Singapore not to ‘teach us to outgrow our madness’ but to learn how to with us; to learn as Alfredo Jaar always does: ruminating alongside, next to, in his sharp, incisive, manner. He analyses not just to break down, tear apart, remove veils as it were, but to create, make, bring forth new possibilities into the world. And in his wonderful, poignant, and inspiring way, Jaar allows us to capture a glimpse of a world not just as it is, but in its potentiality … »

— Jeremy Fernando & Yanyun Chen

with thanks Emi Eu, Rita Targui, Eitaro Ogawa, and the good people at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute for hosting Alfredo Jaar in Singapore; and to the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore for very kindly being the venue for his open lecture.

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