Torpid Slivers #41

Why Gibber-In-Visible Morsels featuring Moth-Hyena™ Remains the Most Collectible Discontinued Monster-Themed Breakfast Cereal

A. The grapefruit-flavored toasted corn bits and marshmallows originally contained light-bending granules that were effective in making the cereal sporadically invisible but also made some children’s stool translucent, a symptom referred to in the press as “Moth-Hyena Droppings.”

B. The Moth-Hyena’s reputed invisibility did not excite many young customers when it took the form of a “cut-out mask” on the side of the box that was only a blank area where its face should be. This gimmick was especially unhelpful during the Halloween season.

C. The “post-invisible” Moth-Hyena follow-up cut-out mask (deployed hastily after complaints and poor sales) simply reproduced the creature’s visage as it appeared in the live-action feature film The Laughing Unseen, granting it none of the cartoony appeal of its competitors.

D. The Laughing Unseen was not sufficiently successful to immortalize the property it introduced as the next Dracula or Wolf Man. The continuing non-classic monster status of the Moth-Hyena would inevitably consign its merchandising to failure and obscurity, hence rarity and collectability.

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