Music Review: Leave Me Alone


     Artist: Hinds
     LP: Leave Me Alone
     Genres: Alternative, Music, College Rock, Indie Rock, Rock
     Label: Mom + Pop/Lucky Number
     Format: Digital, Vinyl, CD
     Released: January 8, 2016

I hope this doesn’t read as weird as it sounds out loud, but I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with Hinds, and it was awesome! When I woke up I knew I had to write this. Plus this is my favorite band right now and I’m totally in love with Carlotta.

Hinds is a garage rock band from Madrid, Spain. Leave Me Alone is their debut LP. This Spanish quartet formerly known as Deers has produced an LP with twelve tracks that are wonderfully catchy.

The album kicks off with “Garden,” a guitar heavy and luscious vocal melody. It’s a great introduction to the band. It sets a playful tone for the album. The song is dreamy, reminiscent of Cornershop’s late 1990’s hit “Brimful of Asha.” Both Carlotta and Ana’s voice compliment the fuzzy guitar licks as they do in every song on this record. “Fat Calmed Kiddos” has a 1960’s surf rock or psychedelic pop sound. It’s a beach party come alive. The production has rawness to it, typical of garage rock, and when the chorus kicks in the song swells. The vocals harmonize well and the drums add a rich layer of sound. “Warts” is one of my favorite tracks. I love the guitar and opening vocals. Oh man! As I listen to “Easy” I picture myself driving. I hate driving, but imagining driving listening to this song makes it seem okay. You’ve got to have a listen!


“Castigadas En El Granero” is artful. These women are incredibly talented. Less is more and they know the how to nail that idea home. The vocals are dynamic. I especially dig that growly scream towards the end.  “Solar Gap” is a perfect title for this song—I get a bit spacey from it and you will too. “Chili Town” is a psychedelic haze. “Bamboo” is one of the best songs on the record and it’s a bit of a downer but still a great listen.. The bass is solid, steady and filling. The guitar slide at the end with its imperfections is satisfying. “San Diego” may have been the first song I heard off the album and it remains one of my favorites. Everything about this one rules. The vocals are blown out; they really kill it. The noodling on the guitar and grungy chords has me listening again and again. The vocals are my favorite.


“And I Will Send Your Flowers Back” is a heartfelt song. “I’ll Be Your Man” is something I can picture hearing at a party and everyone joins in to sing along. A definite crowd pleaser! I would love to see Hinds play this in a small intimate setting. The record closes with “Walking Home” bringing us back the surf rock sound. This song is the most dynamic on the record for its blend of lo-fi guitar and raw vocals leaving you wanting more.

Hinds has already made some performances in New York and they set off on a tour this week! Check out their site for more information. Go support the hell out of them. They deserve it!

Adam W Gerhold writes fiction and about music. He lives in New Hampshire, doesn’t sleep much, makes lists, drinks too much coffee, and is a human.

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