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Photo: Lucy McRae vacuum-packing herself

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As observed the scribblings reeked of rusted blood, his time cut short and made cubish by history, entries presented but seldom exits, jagged lines and left behind in disarray on the floor of this place. He was discovered with part of his skull gnawn through by rabid dogs, burnt as the machine and lost but for I and he. A light sorcery step toward betterment. Here he and you and we exist in spiraling ceaseless entropy. Do you and have you and will you desire cycling spheric continuance. We are uncertain. Each user more inept than the last. Each figure more confused and uninhibited in their excitement at the prospect of opening the box, revealing the machine, worshiping and losing themselves in the machine they ask themselves countless questions about the past and future, unsure whether this is the correct approach they’ll frequently remove certain limbs with saw to find solidarity in absence. They are foolish for this though loveable fools. They are consistent. This is what goes through, what went through the mind of the creator both then and now in constant cryosleep. There is walking heard about the floor where this new is typed and I understand I am a cog in the vast hall of workers attempting to assemble this document from lost documents and it makes next to no sense. I look and see the journals from this past and they read as broken assembled language experiments from so many rotted tongues, digitized and inept at moments, fascistic and monotonous at others. There is no answer and it was my own mistake to look. There is no darkness but the end of that bright O light. There is no continuance so grim as that of human heartbeat X 1,000,000. We are workers this is noise nausea. I understand not the one zero one zero one zero but can perceive its significance to the creator, or journal enterer, though again of this I remain uncertain. Staring at the binary proposition I wind up trying to make sense of daily life in ones and zeroes, failing, am I not digital? I am the great failure and this is my greatest failure, this manual. The saw ends and the life ends and my own disposition will fail and I will continue somehow. Home again, home again. I am sick of walking, of working. I am sick of typing and feel no happiness at the prospect of the end of this unholy relic. There is only further. There is only continued stress and dissatisfaction. He created the blade that created the angst that created the individual. What does it mean. What could it readily mean. I go about uncertain. What a glorious state. There is nothing else to learn. Nothing to hope for. Continued feeling and endless worry. The saw helps, assembling the package for hundreds and thousands to desire and utilize. This is the beginning of a long ending, an engine’s inception prior to its inevitable immolation by degrees of sun. For posterity I look up inventors killed by their own inventions and understand that Horace Stein is one, and soon enough this nightmare will resign itself to snoring breaths and moneyed silence. How To. Our parents were mediocre, hoveled.


Grant Maierhofer is the author of Marcel (The Heavy Contortionists) and the forthcoming novel Postures. 


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