Loss Of Context-Paintings by Anjali Purohit

The curious cat in the red of night (1)
The Curious Cat In The Red Of Night


Image and Discontent


"Loss of Context" and "Rites of Passage" deals with a far too rapidly changing society that has uprooted most people from their moorings and left them with a sense of alienation. It is an attempt to understand some facets of this loss. To record and reflect the anxiety and bewilderment at this sudden forfeiture of context. To explore the resultant alienation. Alienation not only from the transformed world but also often a sense of unease with the self, vexation at not being able to fit into the new schemata and hence a great disenchantment with self-image and self-worth - physical, material and social. These two figure works on paper form a subset on this theme expressing this latter thought namely,
the divergence between reality and a socially dictated norm of the ‘ideal’
form to be aspired for as represented in media today. An ideal that demands
unrealistic conformity to norms of beauty and self worth dependent almost
solely on parameters of shape, size, colour, speech and age.

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