Poem: Rina Nkulu


fixed my vision

      didn’t you know
we were kings once, and all
at once? when      after the
end meant slide a hook
up the nose & let liquid brain
spill out.

this is the beginning
of a conscious embalming
ritual      your mind
burns hot in a cup      and
then a wrist turns

a gesture
as simple as that. be
woman and keep that

blood of yours
down. water our
seeds with it and destroy
all that you touch,

tearing this family
to pieces      like
howard carter      in
tutankhamun’s tomb

it is most natural
that i survive
Rina Nkulu is a student & poet living in Arizona. Her work has been published in Blackberry: a magazine, Duende, Sula Collective, & Rookie. You can follow her on Twitter or at her blog.

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