Trump Haiku: 3

Third GOP Debate Extravaganza!

[Each of these haiku is composed solely of the Donald’s own words.]
We will have a big
fat beautiful door in the
middle of the wall.

Very good people
are making very bad
decisions right now.

So John got lucky
with fracking and he hit oil
and he got nasty.

We lose. We have a
trade imbalance. Believe me,
the world is peanuts.

I feel that gun-free
zones are a feeding frenzy
for the real sickos.

I have a permit
to carry. I like to be

Caesar’s, the Rolls-Royce,
is in bankruptcy. I used
the law. Came out great.

My greatest weakness
is I trust people too much
then they let me down.
Lance Newman’s poems have appeared in print and web magazines published in Australia, Canada, the U.K., and the U.S., including 1913, BlazeVox, Fringe, Moria, No Tell Motel, nthposition, otoliths, Pemmican, Perigee, Stride, West Wind Review, and Zyzzyva. His two chapbooks, Come Kanab (Dusi-e/chaps Kollectiv, 2007) and 3by3by3 (Beard of Bees, 2010), are freely available on the web. He also curates the blogzine 3by3by3, a poetic experiment in human/machine collaboration.

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