Poem: Phoebe Jordan-Reilly

States of Mind II: The Farewells, by Umberto Boccioni, 1911.


i love that
human error
of you and me
or some blurry
reminder of it
passing through
the lights in the
swimming district
of the train station walls.
taking tickets used to be
done by hand do you
ever think of
how many things
stop being touched
after time?
i never want to stop
feeling your heat
against my glove.
and if it is one day
just the hissing
copper systems
of your veins
and what dances under,
you will always be
the last thing i leave
my prints on
before stumbling
into the
Phoebe Jordan-Reilly is a rising junior studying poetry at Bennington College. She works as poetry editor for Bennington’s literary journal, The Silo. Several of her collages of digital art and poetry have been featured by the curators of NewHive. This is her first appearance in an independent publication.

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