LOST IN THE FOG: Thursday, 4/28

“Morning!” — Chie

A short entry for a lazy day. Yu and the gang have finally earned a break. As Chie so helpfully mentions, Yukiko will be back at school in two days. It’s a relief that she will be healthy so soon, but there’s a darker meta meaning relating to the game’s systems: if Yu’d waited two more days, Yukiko would’ve died.

How does Yu plan on celebrating his victory? He briefly considers going to drama practice, but he had enough drama to last a lifetime the day before. Yu decides the best place to unwind is at his favorite tofu spot: Aiya. He strolls on up to the door, umbrella in hand. A sign catches his eye.

persona 4 2

Yu has never been one to turn down a deal. A free beef bowl? The spicy tofu would have to wait.

Persona 4 veterans know that the Rainy Day Mega Beef Bowl Challenge is not something to be laughed at. It is one of the lengthiest boss fights in the game. You see, like all good gambles, the house always wins. Yu can’t finish the beef bowl until every single one of his personality traits is at Maximum Cool Guy Hero Level. That won’t be until the end of the game, if he even gets there in this playthrough.

So no, Yu doesn’t get his 3,000 yen back. But he does get a new sense of purpose. Yukiko is saved, and that might be an okay reason for Yu to get complacent. Persona 4 wants Yu to constantly march forward (for one main, sinister reason), and there’s no better way to trick him than by dangling seemingly attainable carrots in front of his steely, dumb face.

After all, what kind of hero couldn’t make it to the Meat Dimension?

persona 4 3

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