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tumblr_ni5burIxz31qb2f5co1_500 Photo on 10-9-14 at 3.36 PM #2

  1. digital scribble, but digital                                             ^^ yr new art and video editor ^^
    is an overused word

tumblr_nnw1a9g46Z1qe0lqqo1_500 I’m feeling it, the tumblr_nlexw1orMP1tanofjo1_540



 make me make me make me make me


3. Yu feel me?!

submit art video design etc

It’s all a bluR to



tumblr_nhzauj0Sk21qbr6v5o1_540Find Me Or I’ll Find U


  1. taylor givens

  2. eljay ure

‘beauty of the night’ from fornaxvoid tumblr

‘make me’ from spukhaft tumblr

  1. moebius

clapping gif from boglio tumblr

‘baby’ by alyssa kazew

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