Hello. I am a ghost named Sonya Vatomsky and I am cool and nice. You might have seen me around; I wrote an essay about walruses once and Kevin Smith read it and was “floored and humbled” which endeared me to the Queen who has now granted me a small corner unit in this here Tea House. I’ll probably be talking about the usual things I can’t stop talking about (like the impact of a white cisheteronormative male literary canon on the self-actualization of everyone else), and by talking I mean writing because ghosts are like the inverse of vampires — you have to invite us out and mostly we say no.

When I’m not glaring from the peep-hole or rattling my chains, I edit and review over at Fruita Pulp. My first chapbook, MY HEART IN ASPIC, is out from Porkbelly Press this summer with a full-length following as soon as I retrieve my ghastly fingers from all the pies they’re stuck in and finish writing it.

If you want to, you can find me at sonyavatomsky.tumblr.com or @coolniceghost. And also here. You can definitely find me here. Just turn out the lights, look in the mirror, and say hi.

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