Hello everyone! I’m Eugenie Evelynne Johnson (or simply Eve!) and I’m a culture journalist and editor. Mostly in the field of music but also dabbling in film, art, books and theatre here and there¬†too. I’ll mostly be posting on music and talking about films a bit – sometimes the two will collide together and I might just have a chat about movie soundtracks! At some point I’ll probably post about my love of pizza, how insanely good vodka is mixed with Dr. Pepper and that one day I’ll probably be the Crazy Cat Lady from The Simpsons…

I’ll have a proper email soon, promise but I do look forward to posting and working with everyone!

… In the meantime since I’m music editor you might want to know about the type of stuff I listen to… Well, here’s some stuff that doesn’t leave my headphones an awful lot right now. Enjoy!

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