Jeremy Fernando presents: Tembusu Bemused

Tembusu Bemused

Our protagonist Stig goes in search of Greg, the Master of the tree — for his beloved Tembusu Tree needs watering. In his tiny adventure, he meets the other characters who live in the tree, with their problems, puzzles and quests to solve.

All characters and dialogues are inspired by — and caricatures of — the Fellows and staff of Tembusu College.

Tembusu Bemused: The Tree Chapter is inspired by old-school point and click adventure games. The development of the game was  made possible by a collaboration with Tembusu College at the National University of Singapore.

It was created by Yanyun Chen and Sara Chong, collectively known as Stick & Balloon; animated by Aimee; with music and sound effects by Jachin Pousson; and developed by Arul Prasad and Jason Poh.

To play the game, please go to:


For a quick preview of the game, do watch the trailer below:

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