……….Sorry I Missed Your Reading………….

yeah, sorry I missed your reading

I was:

    washing my hair
    stuck on a train
    busy
    caught up in an unexpected romantic intrigue
    in minor surgery
    just not in the mood

Also, I:

    don’t want to have sex with you enough to attend
    want to have sex with you too much to attend
    heard that someone I want to have sex with more than you was giving a reading at the same time

In addition:

   a movie I want to see was just added to Netflix
   a lot of people are mad about something on twitter and I want to contribute to the discussion
   my aunt just posted a ten minute video of kitten antics on facebook

I hope you will:

    forgive me
    still consider publishing me on your website
    remember me when you edit that anthology
    buy my book
    come to my reading

That’s right – did I mention that I have a reading this Friday at 7? I sent you an invite through the event page.
Hope to see you there!
joseph christian 2


Michalle Gould is the author of Resurrection Party, recently published by Silver Birch Press.  She lives in Hollywood, where she is learning to play the accordion and collaborating on an opera.
 the "Also, I:" section was contributed by twitter personality Luscious Dick Tacoma 
and, as of April 1st you can now buy this in Walmart:

missed yr reading pink

but hurry because I'm sure they won't last long!!

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