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The Continental Review, a publication of Poetry Videos billed as “Poetry In the Age of New Media” curated by Nicholas Manning (France) and Jordan Stempleman (USA), has just re-launched.

The revamped site features new work by Nico Alvarado and Rich Smith as well a big vault full of archived videos.

Lots of excellent work here. However, I recommend especially Sandra Simonds’ “Are you Modern” and Daniel Borzutzky’s “Decomposition as Explanation”


and some info from The Continental Review about submitting, etc,

Whether you have already submitted work to TCR or not, we would also be pleased to receive new submissions from you in the New Year. Please do note that TCR now has a new address for dealing with submissions and proposals: thecontinentalreview@gmail.com.
The Review publishes work in all languages. Please feel free to circulate this call among fellow colleagues, writers and filmmakers.

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