Is god a copy?

Two Miracle Diptychs are inspired by a winter habit I developed of watching almost every single episode of The X-Files between Thanksgiving and New Years. That, and living in Las Vegas, Nevada, has enabled my interest in extraterrestrials and the “capital T” truth. I first noticed how alienesque display ads are while google-image-searching sinkholes in the bowels of the internet. I then took hundreds of screen shots and formatted them with Newhive and Microsoft Word. I probably gave my computer a virus while clicking from spam site to spam site in search of “God Vitamin” and the mythological botox woman. In addition to the ocular hold these ads have on me, I’m also interested in their emphatic concern with fear, illness, miracles, and truth, as well as their origin and distribution, which is alien/conspirative in and of itself.

Botox_Diptych by Christine Bettis

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Christine Bettis is a first year MFA poet at the University of Las Vegas. She is originally from Detroit, Michigan. Her poetry is forthcoming in Similar:Peaks::.

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