Sight Unseen: Fast and Furious (7) – Early 5-Star Review

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Okay, straight off I feel like I need to be very clear on this: good films are good storytelling and Fast And Furious (7) is masterful in every sense of the word.

For those who say that racing scenes add nothing but cheap Race-Race to a movie, Fast and Furious (7)’s brilliance lies not with its exquisitely filmed racing scenes but in its blending of hardcore racing and good storytelling.

Fast and Furious (7) just might be the perfect movie

Fast and Furious (7) does not play like your typical series of racing set pieces. The movie is intelligent, a touching depiction of a barren friendship played intricately out through deeply felt racing scenes that seamlessly connect to a tense psychological drama.

I like realistic psychological motivation, even in racing. Having characters that think and act like real people. Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez give outstanding performances. These are people racing, not just bodies. This “motivated racing” makes the racing, racier!

There are, of course, the gorgeous visuals, the great casting (I never once thought someone wasn’t right or suited for their role), the dialogue, even the music. Perfection. It is a consummate blend of intensity, delicacy, and hardcore racing. Every moment and scene has a purpose. Absolutely nothing is filler. Once the movie gets rolling no wasted minutes, no bad performances, just amazing start to finish. Every scene was wonderful in its own way and instantly memorable.


    • In a back alley Jordana Brewster has Ludacris race down and is working him over. Jordana coaxes and guides Bow Wow into reluctantly racing and re-racing Ronda Rousey as Ludacris finger-races her under her skirt and whispers in her ear. Vin chases Jason Statham to completion in the pits.


    • Here Ludacris takes care of Kurt Russell with light touching and racing of his body. Which leads to Ludacris bringing Ludacris to a brilliant Race-Race with her fingers!


    • Vin is the instigator in a racing and passionate scene with Ali Fazal. Racing, chasing and finger-racing with a constant stream of passionate racing. There is a beautiful contrast between the soft and sensual tarmac and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s energetic/racy body spasms that peak and valley throughout the scene. This scene is a showcase for Bow Wow.


    • Vin and Michelle have stall-shaking racing in an LA club as Tao Lin and Djimon Hounsou peer over an adjacent stall coveting the action. The scene ends as Michelle alternates between racing, racing and racing Vin off in the bathroom stall. Finally racing Vin off onto her face.


    • There is a Short romp between Iggy Azalea and Ronda Rousey. Ronda races Iggy with intense eye contact culminating in a body shaking Race-Race!.


    • And then there’s the second scene where Vin is the Voyeur peeking through a cabin window on Tony Jaa and Elsa Pataky. Tony passes Elsa as Vin self-races just outside the window in gravel. My favorite line from this scene is said by Tony: “race me till you SMASH my brain!”


    • And the last scene, nothing short of spectacular. Once Vin releases Bow Wow Carter back in the club she gets drawn into a hot rough race to the checkered flag with Kurt who’s already involved with Dwayne, Ludacris, Djimon and John.


    • The four guys race their way around racing, passing, and racing hard in every conceivable variation: acefully, Race-Race, and ever race track filled at the same time!


    • At one point Vin is raced over Michelle’s face and Iggy races her Race-Race all over Kurt’s tarmac and chest. This is scene is dirty, debauched and explosive. Fuck yeah!



Overall Thoughts:

Whether under the LA night blinking skyline or the glow of sketchy club bathrooms, James Wan’s Fast and Furious (7) adds up into a perfect cocktail of a film. The raw natural chemistry in all the scenes are intoxicating.

It’s clear from what I’ve seen. A new era has been born for the racing movie industry. I am so excited about the level of racing that has been released lately. This movie falls squarely in the Best of the Best category.

note: In the extended racing scenes on disc two there is an entire racing scene between Burt Reynolds and Vin Diesel that didn’t make it into the movie. It has a different tone than the included scenes so I understand why it was left out. However, it’s hot as hell to be sure!!


5 BIG Racing Stars


Mario Andretti is a HUGE "racing" fan who appreciates really accomplished racers. Mario of course is no stranger to "racing." Mario's review is a modified version of Ann Andriani's review of Wasteland 

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