Dear Kalup Linzy!!!!



To: <Kalup Linzy>

From: <Webmaster>
Cc: <Logan K. Young>


Dear Miss Linzy…

This message has been sent to you buy Logan K. Young–who has recently disappeared along with millions and million of people around the world.

Teh reason he choose to send you this letter is because he cared about you and would like you to know the truth about where he went

This may come as a shock to you, but Mr. Young has been taken up to heaven!

If you read Bible, you will see that after Chapter Three in the Book of Revelations, the church is no longer mentioned asbeing on Earth (i.e. the “church” are the believers in Jesus Christ, not the buildings in which people meet.)

In the Bible, First Thessalonians (Chapter 4: Verses 16-17) tells how Jesus came to take away His church. But, you have to believe the Bible is the Word of God in order to believe this.

I’am sure that there will be a lot of speculation as to what happened to all these people The theories of some scientists and world leaders will have so much credibility that most of the world wil believe them.

It will sound like the truth!

But, there is only one truth. And, that truth is that Jesus Christ, God in the fleh, come back to earth and took with Him to Heaven all who believed in Him and made Him their Lord.

If you would like to give your life to Jesus Christ and be born again, it is not to late. First you must pray to God saying:

“Father, I admit I am a siner, and I will turn from my sin and do good. I believe that Jesus was your son and that He came here to die for me so that my sins would be forgiven. I ask you to forgive me and I will repent of my sins. In Jesus’ name, I pray.”

If you just prayed that prayer and meant it with all your heart, then God will know you as one of His own. You should now seek out others who have also given their lives to Christ, read a Bible daily, and do your best to bring other to Christ.

God bless you. ;)



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LOGAN K. YOUNG is the editor-in-chief at He’s also penned four books of verse, including a new e-one: 1,000 Anagrams for La Monte Young (Peanut Gallery Press).

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