Sight Unseen: Antichrist 2


Antichrist 2

Antichrist 2 is Antichrist in reverse, Antichrist upside down, Antichrist inside out. There are no actors left acting by the end of it, only the opening line in refrain: How are you? How are you? How are you? And that was yesterday, and didn’t we just talk about that? I’ve been watching this film so long I’ve watched the entire world go over the balcony. I’m full of grief for all the kids I see dying. Antichrist 2 is medicated into a coma of a film about how it was never made. It’s smarter than itself by two whole weeks. Has ten times as many doctors all less experienced than each other. I feel somehow culpable for all the young boys that died in the making of this film. Antichrist 2 feels like it’s my fault. Everything is atypical about a film I wake early to walk off balconies to avoid finishing. I could have stopped myself in my sleep if I hadn’t woke up confused about how a film like this ever got funded and made. Grief leads everywhere. I do not tell my family that Antichrist 2 has no way around it. The love it takes will go on and on. And it will get worse because it’s the best it can be. The summer is a long way off to still be watching this film. But I’m its patient now so I won’t know if talking makes me alive or dead. And the film makes me talk about these things more than I should. Antichrist 2 makes you hold your breath until you renounce Antichrist or forget it entirely. When you exhale you must imagine you are pushing mourning back into the film. Anxiety is the threat of itself. Only the lifetime it takes to watch it is dangerous. Every lead actor is just a sequence of dizzy spells. My eyes have a dry throat. Antichrist 2 has more sounds than any one person can hear. I’m heavy breathing in case there will be less air here soon. I remember never to worship a film that cannot defend itself. That everyone but Antichrist 2 is starving or being tortured or murdered is no distraction. Antichrist 2 is what I’m doing. My exposure time is closing in on the fear of thought itself. Thinking is just making more than one film about the same thing. What scares me most is that none of this is about anything. Fear is always nowhere before it’s somewhere. What is supposed to happen happens somewhere else. This time round, the woods is nobody in particular. Eden is the hair on the back of your hands. Never being able to close your eyes is how the film watches you. But it’s okay because by the time this happens the film has been running for too many years. It’s a nice feeling to still be breathing as if you’re asleep. It’s always evening and the deer are always giving birth to something. The foxholes, which are everywhere this time, are just the reflections of your face in the screen looking for itself. Everything rots much quicker. The grass outside the cabin has become a duvet of things obviously dead yet indiscriminate. Nothing green in Antichrist remains green in Antichrist 2. Nobody can melt into any of the colours you will see. Nothing will be hot enough to burn you unless you want it to. It hurts to watch this film all the way through because you won’t be able to remember when you started watching it. And to say it will one day finish is only the expectation that it must. You have to really feel that a sequel is possible. I’ve never known a film remove my legs like this. It’s just not plausible to walk and breathe this indefinitely. And counting is no longer any kind of antidote. The film cannot vouch for what it wants you to learn. It unwants what it is every second it runs. Antichrist 2 can hear its own screams. Adrenaline is pushed round in a circle until you know you should never watch something you know is unreal. Antichrist 2 will stop you believing in anything older than itself. Bits of what is represented as nature drop off and die. You will be encouraged to find them beautiful. Everything that cries is too realistic. Its reality will distort who you are if you are not Satan or Jesus. Sleep and love are the same thing and Antichrist 2 is never both at once. Nobody will acknowledge that dreams might exist. If you squint you will see the film less clearly. Order profanes. Reason becomes my second nature. I discover hurt as something I understood before I knew what it was. To watch Antichrist 2 is to realize you’ve been frightened since birth. Nothing human can watch a film this long. Not even a woman, when womanhood is the evil done to women. A film like Antichrist 2 has written itself. There is no film in existence like this. So female it dies in its sleep. So female its evil is owned by someone else. Ha, forget what I said, this film hasn’t stopped hitting me for a week. Everyone who watches it asks to be beaten for at least twice as long. This is how we know the film loves us. And if it never ends it will still be necessary to watch it again. The weather is up to you, but not how many women it kills. Obsessions are evil and Antichrist 2 replaces them with itself. And I allow myself to be hypnotized into reenacting a map of children lying dead in snow. No film should result in the amount of deformities I now have. There is a whole other film in all the details I’ve so far failed to notice. I don’t believe I’ll ever move on from this. I don’t believe in anything this film has not first fucked and sired children from. Where are you? Get on with it! I’m waiting on part 3. I’ll watch it when I’m dead. Watch me, I’m crying till I get it. Antichrist 2 is Antichrist 3 and false in every way. If you ever find it, hold onto it until it stops breathing. There is no such film. And every frame of it is blessed.


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