Videogames & Loneliness: Jo Ego I


a guided remix
from video game descriptions,
fairy tales, how-to guides, and flights
of fancy


the feral girl is mythic she
originates in untamed imaginations
she is Jo Ego, The Not So Innocent
a little tricky, a little extreme at night

Jo resides at the bottom edge of winter
in the limestone in the chalk in the dolomite
of dreams of church bells with wings

she flies over the desert full-circle into the hard
consonants of the collective unconscious
with fundamental motifs
she never blends in
she is acid

an orphan floating above the silent majority
saint, romantic, a dreamer Utopian
dripping with the reservoirs of oil

deep underground she slays selfishness
abundant, a hero in cold weather
vulnerable in the sea caves where meaning
refuses to enter

soldier of the desert with its occasional fires
she craves a hollow place to fill with her
greatest fears the tree hurled into social order
for ego-fulfillment

her guitar is made of yellow wood
from brush fires she unfolds music
from the air prefers the diagonal
edge of the universe for its fundamental
medicine she is the visionary, the catalyst
of core desire

the feral girl will help you to remember
the misfit ambition you planted last year,
through aimless wandering, the dark data
of the rebel in a midsummer of paper,
journey as a strategy of red tulips, of stone
declarations, a weather station
of stems to mitigate shock
to level up to imperfect beginner

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