Relentless by Jeff Bezos

5/5 stars (1 review)

  1. This December, Berfrois published a book of poetry.
  2. (Berfrois is Queen Mob’s big sister)
  3. There are eight covers to choose from, each one designed by Evan Johnston.
  4. I downloaded them all.
  5. The pdf I read was entitled ‘Relentless_cover8’, which may mean that Cover 8 is my favourite cover.
  6. Relentless contains the diverse voices of 23 poets.
  7. This is a compilation of poetry and a work of satire.
  8. This is not the Jeff Bezos you know.
  9. ‘amazon’ appears 32 times, but whatever.
  10. Love your customer as you love yourself.
  11. If you don’t love yourself, love your customer.
  12. Relentless reads like one long narrative river.
  13. The titles of each poem act as boulders to alter the course of the Relentless current, but never to entirely halt it.
  14. Relentless is as relentless as that body of water gushing through Colombia—Peru—Brazil.
  15. Relentless is as relentless as Google’s insistence that is what you meant when you googled ‘amazon’.
  16. Relentless feels like shopping on a certain site that begins with ‘ama’ and ends with ‘zon’.
  17. You may feel as though you’re being directed to items ‘frequently bought together’, and you will like it.
  18. You may feel as though you’re being informed that ‘customers who bought this item also bought’.
  19. You will welcome the spoon-feeding and the brainwashing: “Yes, I was delighted by this poem. Yes, I would like to read another.”
  20. You really will be delighted.
  21. You will also be disturbed. Delightfully.
  22. Relentless is not run-of-the-mill brainwashing.
  23. Relentless is 29 pages of truth, wittiness, profundity.
  24. You don’t have to add Relentless to your cart or wish list.
  25. Relentless won’t Whispersync to your Kindle, and maybe that’s a good thing.


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