..Delayed Reaction(s) to #SONA2015………..


how do you broadcast a state of the nation address when the signal’s been blocked
how long can you go without water
how many times can you say madam speaker and be ignored flat
how long can you remain silent
how does recognition feel in the form of pepper-spray and punches from police


‘fuck me’ comes out more as ‘fuuh-huck me’ and describes how half of me feels – yes, half, because society has essentially made me a binary. it’s hardly a case of being in-the-mood – ho no! – half of me is in despair. but the other half – the mindless-fucking-optimist half – senses revolution: things are about to change. “well yeah,” says the former half, “when have things ever truly remained in stasis?” latter half says “err,” because latter half knows that NEVER would be a negative answer, and ALWAYS would certainly not be positive. the binaries think in binaries. meanwhile the petrol price has gone up and russia’s my bff or something.



Emma Paulet started out in life by being born. She currently studies English at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, where she is Chair of the Inklings Society. Blog: http://emmapaulet.wordpress.com  Twitter: http://twitter.com/EmmaPaulet   but whatever. et cetera.


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