EXCERPT FROM: Self-portrait

Str8, No Chaser

/ Agnese Roda and Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko / Queer Translation

poems from Las Mujeres no hablan así

/ Nemir Matos-Cintrón trans. Joseph Ellison Brockway / Queer Translation

A translator’s friend request

rose, the wily thistle


The Rain

/ by Abdellah Taïa translated by Emma Ramadan & Chris Clarke / Queer Translation

Visiting the Snow Queen

/ Sophie Strohmeier translated from the German by Emma Rault / Fiction, Queer Translation


/ Ma. Teresa Figueroa Damian translated by Michael Langdon / Queer Translation

3 Microfictions

Erlkönig —after Goethe

Iphis and Ianthe’s Thing

Lesbian Genealogies

/ Samantha Pious and Company / Queer Translation

A Series of Palimpsests

Being Queer in the Soviet Union

Confessions of a Diseased Mind