POEM: Myles Zavelo

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Welcome to my serenade!

Only fifteen years old!

Why am I falling down so badly in life?

Always horny and nervous and washing myself and failing all my classes.

Want my thoughts to stop racing and intruding.

Want my thoughts to stop.

Not fair!

Talking about horrendous car accidents and vicious beatings and plenty of sodomy.

Visions of awful dismemberments and whatnot.

Can’t hug and kiss my parents anymore because, if I do, they’ll die.

Very worried I’m gay.

Can’t talk to anyone.

Don’t want to get in trouble.

Mom and dad are old hippies who don’t believe in psychotropic medications.

Rest of the world––popular music, Jewish holidays, the global economy––just crashes me by.

But at the same time, I’m thinking that, if I was God, things would be easier for everybody?

Myles Zavelo’s writing has appeared or is forthcoming in the following publications: Joyland Magazine, The Alaska Quarterly Review, Open Pen Magazine, The Southampton Review, New York Tyrant Magazine, Muumuu House, Maudlin House, The Harvard Advocate, Spectra Poets, Blue Arrangements, Berfrois, and elsewhere.
Photo by Meiying Ng (Unsplash).

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