Burst O’Teh Web

the cheapest cheese // The Inquisitive Eater

at the bar // Burning House Press

a throwback cartridge game // SELFFUCK

NoDoz // Entropy

Sloppy kisses and vitamin C // Ghost City Press

D // B O D Y

checkered mini-dress // ​The /tƐmz/ Review

bright red swimming trunks // Expat Press

jigglers // Drunk Monkeys

Potato // Sydney Review of Books

Egg // Wigleaf

36 divided by 6 // Exacting Clam

Stargazing // astra papachristodoulou

Jade’s Playlist // Youtube

Carla Lonzi // BLACKOUT

Transfabulous // Barbican

dredging // Poem Brut at Open Ealing

laptop // Maudlin House

The Nape // Berfrois

The Device // Ducts

Red Bull // Imperial Matters

A small figurine of a shark // [neonpajamas]

a pigeon’s maternity nest // the punch

bees on leashes // The Ekphrastic Review

San Xavier // Michael Lambert is not dead.

Fish // Los Angeles Review of Books

Men Who Repeat Themselves Men Who Repeat Themselves // Train

our toothbrush universe // Blackbird

The Crescent // Revolution John

Judges 9:48 // The Art of Samuel Robertson

a local brew // Fevers of the Mind

grilled cheese sandwiches with pickles and fries and our tall glasses of chocolate milkshakes // The Art of Tetman Callis

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