POEM: Jade Yeung

sisterhood (n.)

on the riverfront between us : a box of doughnuts // your filigreed hands
like cemetery gates / gratitude for ten fingers / nails to paint black //
traumas like galaxies / your light bends towards me & along the way
cosmic dust absorbs // here empathy freezes to opaque oxygen // it’s okay
I tell the frustrated astronomer / I can see all of her / dark nebula & all //
love / can you believe I see all of you? // the city / its blinking traffic cut
between us / traffic as in touch repeatedly / handle what needs to be traded
// the police / their little fucking sticks // I hate the word brave / how
it sounds like depraved / how inconsolable I’m sorry is / how we are
not sorry // // we survive // our sugared fingers / raspberry filling licked
like a scraped knee // I could nestle into you for eternity / trace your
goosebumped tattoos / bare shoulder blades / fall into your black boots

Jade Yeung is a Toishanese American writer and artist from Brooklyn, NY. Her chapbook, ANTI, is forthcoming from Black Warrior Review (2022). She has received support from Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, Community of Writers, and Fine Arts Work Center. Jade has appeared in or is forthcoming from Honey Literary, Kissing Dynamite, and Lammergeier. Currently she is pursuing an MFA at Rutgers University-Newark where she's a Trustee Fellow. jadeyeung.com

Photo by Shayna Douglas (Unsplash).

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