Will items spinning in space spin forever? The Black Swan completes thirty-two turns only because she pushes the floor, the earth pushes her, her head whips, her arms sweep, she extends and retracts, she sites us and finds us again, again, again…. In space, things are expanding. There is radiation from the stars. There are heavy, hurtling planets. Pressure applies to bowstrings, to triggers, to astronauts whose eyes lengthen. Tiny specks of heaven, light and soft circles, driven down by physics.


A.E. Weisgerber is from Orange, NJ. She is a 2018 Chesapeake Writer, 2017 Frost Place Scholar, 2014 Reynolds Fellow, and ASE/Reader for Wigleaf’s Top 50. Work in Berfrois, DIAGRAM, 3:AM Magazine, and The Alaska Star. On Twitter @aeweisgerber or visit

Photo by NASA (Flickr)

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