MUSIC: Under Our Shadow


My skin tells me where my body is
When it splits, when it bleeds — it writes me in the sheets
into the streets. Where her body is,
they split me in the streets, and I sink into my sheets

Writing with white ink — you who so good with words.

I love crowds. And their insincerity, their impersonality.
They let me feel alone, let me be part of them.
Let me be part of and apart from them.

Sometimes weird is pretty
Sometimes words are pretty

We can never look away
oh, we’ll never look away
Oh, I can’t look away
Oh, Under the shadow is where we’ll stay

Spoken :

Many have come and gone. And yet I think you’ll stay —
even as you’re gone. In late night texts. Godforsaken snacks. In unbridled sex.
Maybe we’ll live together in a photograph of time
No one is going to take me away from you — there is no one left to take.

Sometimes words are pretty
Sometimes weird is pretty
Even as I swore I’d drown you in my paint.
Never meant to cause you sorrow, or any pain

Our bodies don’t forget.
That you felt like home.
All these secrets buried under my skin.

Sometimes words are pretty
Sometimes weird is pretty

Music: One White Raven
Lyrics and Spoken Word: Jeremy Fernando
Starring: Brendon Fernandez

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