Poem: Ken Taylor


X intends release
from the chronic tour of the field

to be in the painting with a stick
to be cobalt bombed

like taking great strides
in the style of a flesh valise.

any mid-century kid could draw the love-act
as stove enamel applied to a sited piece
by dipping & re-dipping in thin coats.

demountable automata
burning obliques & curves in effigy
stacking blocks in ecru motifs.

or spreading limbs
with outward & ordinary reaching
to be in touch with inward planes.

X swells the pool of the sweated
to birth an irresistible wreck
by breaking from the pattern of hands.

lobbing brushes over shifts of floor
as rough trade in a range of sea
when the ground floods the surface of a wall.

they repeat the tall splatter of their heart
performing the tender storm of plastic
where escape is possible at the edge

away from the pull of earth.

Ken Taylor is author of first the trees, now this (2013), dog with elizabethan collar (2015), self-portrait as joseph cornell (2016) and aeromancy garage (2020). He is the founder and editor of selva oscura press.

Photograph by Tim Marshall (Unsplash).

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