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Thurs, Aug 05, 2069, 10.30 am, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) à Fri, Mar 18, 2070, 6.15 pm, Mars Space Station (MSS)

Potential Return:

Fri, Apr 01, 2070, 12.05pm, Mars Space Station (MSS) à Sat, 12 Nov, 2070, 2.45am, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS)


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ⓘ The trip you have selected requires travel documentation, including a passport and a Martian visa. If you don’t have a Martian visa, you can use this tool to apply online.

Earth Airlines has been made aware of the reported difficulties faced by customers in some areas of Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and South East Asia in obtaining a requisite Martian visa and travel endowments as a consequence of recent ecological and thermonuclear crises. EA continues to work alongside a multitude of regional authorities in the hope of resolving such issues for all of our customers.


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Wanna hear something out of this world? We have exclusive special offers available for your trip!

This year EA has teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Ad Astra, the 2019 space thriller which follows Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) on a mission across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father—and which includes an early depiction of a commercial space flight!

Unfortunately we’re unable to offer Ad Astra promos to passengers in Basic Economy, so click below to see what’s available when you upgrade to any of our premium travel classes:

Stellar Economy

Main Cabin

Main Cabin Galactic



Celestial Business

Celestial First

Celestial First Plus

Infinity Celestial First Plus

Infinity Celestial First Plus Extra

Infinity Celestial First Extra Plus

Extra First Celestial Galactic Spaceship Infinity Cosmos Brad Pitt Spaceship Extra First Infinity Plus First Extra†

† Additional legroom not included.


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Please review your basket and choose a payment method:

Original base rate: $1,176,000 USD

Promotional discount (PM301P): – $1500 USD

Promotional discount (PM350L): – $350 USD

Discounted base rate: $1,174,150 USD

VAT rate: $5,500,000 USD

Domestic taxes: $1,700,000 USD

Extraterrestrial taxes: $2,600,000 USD

Optional services: $1,900,000 USD

10 kg extra in carry-on luggage: $9,900,000 USD

VAT Services: $6,600,000 USD

VAT Services: $5,100,000 USD

VAT Services: $8,900,000 USD

Just, whatever: $7,700,000 USD

Total: $89,690,332 USD


Woohoo! You’re going to Mars!

We’re pleased to inform you that your booking qualifies you for special deals on flight, transport and hotel packages.

Treat yourself to a super-cool Mars Buggy and make a reservation at Trump Interplanetary Hotel Mars—the only NASA- and Roscosmos-certified human habitat on the planet!

Tony Coleman is an English teacher and writer from Liverpool, England who lives in Guadalajara, Mexico for some reason. You can contact him at

This piece was originally published at Little Old Lady Comedy.

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