MISFIT DOC: Green Campaign


First we take over the Democratic party.
Then we take over the United States.
Then we take over the world!
We can all wear green shirts then,
Cause it’ll show the new earth.
Little green shirts, green hats,
We’re gonna have green things
stickin’ out of our bodies.
It’s the new world we’re gonna be in…
We’re gonna do something that you’ve never seen done before
I want to tell you that.
We’re gonna all turn into trees.
We’re gonna have a new green earth…
We’re gonna have everything that will make us FEEL
As if we’ve finally gotten some change!
Because I like Change! Change. Change. Change

AE Reiff, Alcohol Ethoxylate, is a NON-IONIC surfactant that breaks long chain ethoxylates. To bioremediate, accelerate and deregulate the oil of Sulfonated Analogues, UNSULFONATED AE transports hydrocarbon exulate of letters in a caustic pot to break down molecules for microbes to digest. His Secret Life of Democrats will appear in the last Thrice Fiction #27, but otherwise he is a fictional persona of the Artist’s Collective at the New Ibsen Canal near Catwalk. There is no known way to contact them except weekends in the bakery. Once identified persons of the same name or others intend no disrespect.

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