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  1. rob mclennan’s chapbook Study of a Fox is uncanny in that the poems seem to inhabit two places at once. They have depth but skim the surface and draw together both the multitude and the particular. Their meaning is to be read between the lines and felt rather than understood. Some common themes include: family, aging, the seasons.
  2. Strewn, with reflection. We age. Fall light, linking stardust. Satori: a study of nucleotides. Where sympathies, lie. I book, well-read. These estimates, numbered.

From “Forty-seventh birthday”.

  1. Now that I’ve seen this I cannot unsee this and now neither can you.
  2. There is a melancholy to these snapshots and true to the old adage they are worth a thousand words.
  3. Something every Canadian can relate to.
  4. Children sketch. Disarticulate. Endless paper and crayons. They laugh, pattern. Stick-figured time. Parent, where gravity is strongest. A lightness of offspring. A weight, sometimes. Simple wear. Become our own parents. Cyclical. Curve, in the shape of reckless exhaustion. Curve to the floor.

From “It’s still winter”.

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  2. *artwork by Esther Tyson

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