SATIRE: Republicans (Poem)

There is nothing wrong with gerrymandering, graft, corruption, treason, trash, pollution, propaganda, state endorsed

Christianity, corporate sponsorship,

billionaires, soon to be trillionaires,

our filibuster,


our policies,

your policies ARE FOLLY, WE

                                                                must work together, you know

WHAT WE WANT                                                                                                                                    we know


we can work together so long as you agree with our policies unflinchingly, follow,                                                                                                                                                                        follow, follow, corporate welfare does not exist,

don’t give that money to him he’s poor,

Socialism, Socialism, the act of

giving money to a poor         person is

                                                Socialism, Liberal,

Liberal, Liberal, Liberal,

we need to invest in America, we need

to invest in America,

when you

disagree you

incite violence

n—–s w—-cks j–boys muslim terrorists rapists and murderers MS13s immigrants welfare mommas lazy drunken Ind—s white tr–h Willy Horton HAVE AT IT!

all must produce their IDs in order to vote on Wednesday the 19th,

tell LaBron to shut up and drivel,                                                                             Clinton lied to Congress, we always tell the truth, always,

always, always,                                                    you should be convinced by now, why aren’t                                                                                                                                                               you convinced by now, we will not vote on Obama’s

Supreme Court Justice nominee,

bullshit,                                                    we don’t have to if we don’t want to, I said momma I want another piece of fried chicken,                                                 $15000/plate fundraiser, $150000

to Powwow with the VP, the peepee, the genius

wife of the peepee softporn,

                         the son of the peepee hardporn,

the soninlaw of the peepee “that’s not a rent-guaranteed building, that’s a luxury condo”                                                                                                                                                666 biggest crowd ever

300trillion showed up at the inauguration

on the head of a pin,                                                      votevotevotevote, Sarah will tell you all a sad excuse we have to work together                                                   remember, choke

                                                                             epic failure Obamacare out of existence,

Scott gold toilets aren’t allowed, Scott

Magic phone booths aren’t allowed, Scott

Free rentals aren’t allowed, Scott

Honeymoons with coworkers aren’t allowed, Scott

Forcing whistleblowers out of a job aren’t                          allowed, Putin Putin

Putin is poutine                                              all that money momma we love                                               poutine,

KKK white supremecists Nazis Christians rural nincompoops pundits HAVE AT IT!

smile at the Indian he’s not like us, couterprotest

the counterprotest we support common sense gun                                                                                                        control we support the abolition of bump

stocks, we support just put the legislation in front

of me and I’ll sign it, we support, support

support                                                the NRA, how dare you crisis actors                                                                                                                                              how dare you                                                                                                                                                                                 crisis actors the shooter was


influenced                                                                                                by our rhetoric freedom of speech on college campuses Creationism


Creationism love us or leave us we hate Communism we love Kim Jung Un is not a military dictator, how dare you,

Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel



bel five minutes just give him anything he

wants,                                                                                                                                                  ooops cameras on claim victory, he’s a strong leader, he’s a strong leader, Hannity

Hannity Hannity Hannity, 100millionHannities, Infowars,                            Infowars, Infowars, Julian Assange is a

national hero, Roger Stone is a national hero, Gucifer 13 is a national hero, Individual One is a national hero, Robert Mueller is a traitor, Robert Mueller is a national hero, Whitaker is a national hero, Barr is a national hero, Nunez is a national hero, Flynn is a national hero, Manafort is a national hero, Benedict Arnold is a national hero, don’t take down that statue, don’t take down that statue, Robert E Lee is a national hero, Jefferson Davis is a national hero, Anthony Kennedy is a national hero, Brett Kavanaugh is a national hero, Dude, I like totally Kavanaughed her, David Duke is a national hero, AOC is a traitor, McCain is a traitor, Clinton is a traitor, Clinton’s emails are traitors, Clinton’s emails are national gyros, Barbara Bush is a traitor, Nancy Pelosi is a traitor



Mark Putzi received an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee in 1990. He has published fiction and poetry in numerous small press magazines including The Cream City Review, Heartlands and The Cape Rock. He lives in Milwaukee and works as a retail pharmacist.

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