Poems: Linda Umans

Time Twins

A youth, rusty haired
as I was in my time,
rocked atop a high stool
as he read a book from
the stock he was to sell.

His left leg kinked under
his right knee, as mine does.
We had likely both of us
floated that way before birth
in separate times and wombs.


You, rusted
mocked too.

Chew. Tell.

I linked sights.

thus fated
for para-tombs.

TIE-INS by Linda Umans
created from Time Twins by Les Murray


Pony for my heart to ride

Make room for this wobbly and
lopsided steed to enter
will you.

Respect the travelled steps.

If you hear
the trot of well-worn hooves
it will be me and

I’ve travelled an enormous distance

and haven’t you always wanted a pony.


What’s in a rabbit

greens   greens   greens
as prey

model for a garden ornament
coveted coat
object of hug or cuddle


potential for fine dining
cartoons contradictory attributes
symbol of fertility
(excessive?) procreation


a part that brings luck
a John Updike guy



Zombie Drag

Tired of the tatters
the cross-stitched eyes
the continuous journey
to where.

No love encounters
on the way. No possibility
of passion. You didn’t think
I’d miss that, eh?

Mirrored in society only
in movies. Once on a subway
I thought, but I was mistaken.
It was just a common exhausted
threadbare man. Maybe a late-shift
worker. I don’t work.

I am a role model for the
depressed, and wherever I walk
they recognize me, and I guess
I’ll have to make do with that.

Wait up. I’m walking.



Linda Umans taught for many years in the public school system of New York City where she lives, studies, writes. Recent publications include poems in Spillway, Spiral Orb, Composite {Arts Magazine}, DIALOGIST, Carbon Culture Review, The Maine Review, LIGHT - A Journal of Photography and Poetry, Gris-Gris, The Broadkill Review, 2 Bridges Review, and pieces in Mr. Beller's Neighborhood.


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