Poem: Sascha Akhtar

Ejaculate As A Noun
For My Imaginary Friend

The bones of You & I were carved
                        by desire
Fucking, the scalpel
                     shaving raw hardness
                     pliant, obedient
                     the specific curve of
                     Your every so rib

How they alight, after they fly
                     on Your very breath
                     rocking, the motion of you

Clavicle, you are chiselled
                     with a flourish
                     two spikes
                     on either side of soft, thin flesh
                     where Your voice resides

Clavicle, crown of the exquisite
                     curvature, cage – 
                     no heart pumps inside

The birds have eaten it, 
                     now they tear

Lung, each purpled lung
                     beaks fortified by
                     heart scar tissue
The thick blood
                     once pumped
                     clotted black

Hissing, the air escapes
                     from each perforation

The only barrier between our bones
                     & You & I, skin

Disintegrates in the air
Disintegrates in the air
                     & we become Breath

Ivory bones, only
Drop, the iridescence immaculate

of your ejaculate as a noun.


Sascha A. Akhtar is a Poetry School Tutor & also mentors poets 1-2-1 via chat, phone & in person. She consults with fiction writers regarding their books, enabling them to get their work where it needs to go. Sometimes this involves out & out editing, sometimes holding their hand. She also works as a wellness guide/healer & meditation teacher in a similar way at www.be-meditation.uk

Sascha has managed to write seven books and a number of short stories & novellas. Four of these books are forthcoming in 2019. The Whimsy of Dank Ju-Ju (Emma Press), #LoveLikeBlood (KFS Press), Astra Inclinant (Contraband UK) & The Belles-Lettres of Hijab Imtiaz Translations from the Urdu (Oxford University Press, India).

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