Hey there, Chappie!

1. Mike Andrelczyk’s The Iguana Green City is a chapbook filled with hallucinatory poems about urban life. The center piece of this collection is the title poem that cycles back throughout the book.

2.  An iguana got into the ice chest again.

    I lift it out and place it on the window ledge.
    After a while it thaws out and blinks its eyes and doesn’t move.
    It takes about 90 minutes for it to come all the way back.
    There is a faint whine coming from the ceiling.
    The smoke detector is broken.
    I burnt my toast. My eyes itch. It’s hot in here.
    (“The Iguana Green City” pg. 23)

3. A pack of menthols, a Tacate and nachos supreme.

4. All we find is an otherwise empty graveyard

    and a single glowing man eating sherbert
    “Popsicles?” He asks.

    (“Marmalade Dove” pg. 15)

5. The feistiness of this book be like.

6. sitting in the empty

   wooden bleachers behind home plate
   at the abandoned little league
   field on Filbert Street
   where a cop got stabbed last week
   today there’s a gang of starlings pecking at the grass
   in shadow of deep center
   and every day there’s a group of people huddled
   on the picnic table beyond
   left selling dope
   (“I don’t care if I never get back” pg. 7)

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