Poems: Eric Valor

Iki & Etta
– For Squar, in thanks

They call to me;
Party-colored bodies
Beckoning in rhythmic promise.

Caress our heads,
They whisper:
Let us tell tales
Of instinct and passion.

Tactile touch
Brings sonic sense
Which hypnotizes
And keeps transfixed.

Hand to skin
We pat
And pound
And slap
And roll.

Hold my heartbeat
And guide its pulse.

Let me find the tempo
To which my soul can dance.

Direct my dreams
And transform my temper.

Teach me about my nature
And reach my song inside.

Be the voice
By which my spirit speaks.



My Strings Sing for Renaissance

The strings
To my Meat Marionette
Have been cut!
And so we
Round up the usual suspects.
As they are released
One by one
I realize that
Lying around in bed all day
Isn’t as decadent as it sounds.

The floppy foot
Made a Goofy step
As it marched up the leg.
After the
Fall Season
I decided to have a seat.
Then I
Let my fingers do the walking
Until they took a hike.
I can’t even
Give myself a hand.
And the creeping uneasiness
Took my breath away.

Unlike Mick
Time is not on my side
Although I seem to have more
Than ever before.
Now cyborg is as cyborg does
And I wait for
The bright near future
Where once again
Gravity is my friend.



Still.. Life..

Three Sentinels
Sharp guardians
Against the night.

Their wavering attitudes
As they
Watch me

…As they watch me drown
In a yellow ocean;
Breathing in the hoppy brine.

Olfactory buzz
From sandalwood chord;
The smoke echoes my thoughts.

Elizabeth sings
And hums
And sighs.

And I sigh,
But not for her.




Imagine Space with no Stars
No matter
No energy

For that is Oblivion
And is what
Awaits us
In The End

Stare into
The Empty Abyss
Your Terror
Making no echo

The conscious mind
Cannot comprehend
The Pure Emptiness
That is beyond

The threshold
Of all that is
And what
Is not

A singularity
Blank Infinity

Pretty stories
A fancy veneer
To cover
The ultimate fear

Please grant me
The Mercy
To be oblivious
When we finally meet

It is
The Horror
It is
The End



Eric Valor is author of the poetry collection Hamachi Eyes. He is not only a poet, but also an Information Technology professional, a Person(s) with ALS (PALS – ALS is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease), and a scientist researching a cure for ALS. Eric maintains a website as a service to other PALS featuring his blog and accompanying podcast, original recipes, press kit, presentations, and much more. Eric can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Quora.

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