Torpid Slivers #38

The fake Spindulephopods currently flooding (or rather poisoning) the market look quite similar to the real thing, but certain giveaways can help you make the correct choice.

  • See any notches on the inner joints of the hindmost tibiae that become highly visible during a routine flailing? Those aren’t on the genuine model.
  • You’ll find a little more wivench breadth in the knockoff, but note that this in no way compensates for the reduced head room in the crownglass — a possibly fatal diminishment.
  • The feelers on the bona fide model are never off-color, while on the copy they may possess shades of ochre, magenta or pea green, any of which is a red flag.
  • Perhaps most egregiously, the self-heating tri-zone invisigrille lacks dual controls, yet appears to via deceptive molding. Don’t fall for it!

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