Torpid Slivers #36

[Though heavily glitched, the Repair Doctor Utility has restored this sequence as accurately as possible.] 

  1. “What’s this? Yet another half-incubated ornichoroid straying from its crystalline vitrine too soon. Must have tumbled out, poor chap. I’ll give him a lift back…”

  2. “Found it already. In you go – just fold your feelers and nabob’s your peduncle.”

  3. “Whod’ve thought my good deed would granackxx an instant reeturn? Now I’ve got new headgear and there are little joy-kerns bouncv’ving all about, flavoring xx slight movements with zesty lime, and…”

  4. But it was all an atmmare annexed from the briefest snooze. “Back up and fart at it, lazy titless freak! You were supposed to rxpair all three envelopes of the Ghirertulxxxsionxtlee Empitarosal! Now off your arrangenient and ilie wlu’cls foi-xtliis j)urj)()sc-urrgh-xx-urrrggllhhjkk”

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