News At A Glance #7

‘The sun yields about 300,000 times as much light as does the moon in its full.’

The Nelson Evening Mail, Tuesday, September 8, 1908

In the 1800s there were over 200 crimes which
carried the death penalty, including being in
the company of gypsies for one month.

Most Dickensians were relieved not to be from

The video watch party has now ended.

Chinese whispers is called ‘Arabic telephone’ in

Grey horses are white.

NatWest are what they do.

The graves at Copehill Down are empty.

Only a fool buys his gear in town.

Science has no ending.

Bach goes on too much.

David Cornwell owns a mile of cliff near Land’s

Not all construction sites have boxes for comp-

When our kings are in conflict with our consti-
tution, we change our kings.

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