News At A Glance #6


‘In the churches at Scone, New South Wales, recently all business places were closed while special prayers for rain were offered.’

The Nelson Evening Mail, Friday, July 20, 1906

In the late-19th and early-20th centuries, Winston
Churchill was one of the world’s most successful

Taunton wants to take a good look at themselves.

Upskilling is an urgent priority.

Even the dead enjoy social intercourse.

The Museum of Swearwords does not actually exist.

It is difficult, when living in prosperity, to be resol-
ute and make sacrifices.

Lord Carrington was not a member of the Conser-
vative Party.

Good King Wences last looked out on the feast of

The Zulus were divided into the naked and the hy-

Sennheiser earbuds are not washing-machine pro-

There is no justice. There is just us.

Zac Efron is 17 again.

A picture of a clown sitting near a blackboard has
had more than 27 millions viewers.

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