Torpid Slivers #33

Bephimogostoloma-Finnifigletch (a.k.a. Bletchmog, Botchmug, Fetchpug or Gustolomomorynomothobatollus) is a mighty baronet of Hell, with forty-four crack troops of demons and hobgoblins under his command. As the setter of infernal clocks, he is able to affect events in the past whenever he travels into the future, but avoids the present as often as he can. He is said to be his own son, having spontaneously birthed an identical copy of himself who devoured him from inside and now wears the cranium of his original head as a skullcap. He sports a pair of antlers that may have once belonged to his mount: a small headless red deer with oversized legs that enable it to hop about like a flea. He loathes being depicted in images, especially as a mask, and legend has it that every Halloween night, at a different crossroads each year, a leafless tree will appear, festooned with streamers made from the bowels of those who dared disguise themselves as Bephimogostoloma-Finnifigletch.. In recent retellings, he merely bestows slightly unpleasant dreams on greedy children who ate too much candy, and meeting him is said to be a confusing omen. Nevertheless, do you dare wear this mask?

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