Poem: Fargo Tbakhi

Illo for Fargo Tbakhi's poem.

little acts of resistance build character

in line at wal mart
i linger by the produce section,
look at the barcodes on the tags of the
i am looking for the numbers 729,
                which i have read on line mean
                that the produce is Israeli.
i am not sure what i will do if i find one

                maybe just: bite into it
                devour it
                feel the juices spill down my sharp arab chin
                staining my t shirt
                taste my grandfather’s land on my tongue
                eat my way to the core of a country
                send my tongue as a drone to surveil the rot at its
                wipe my mouth
                and walk out
                without paying

i do not find any.
but as i walk out the door,
juices spill down my chin
and i let them linger,
staining my t shirt,
knowing that fruit never falls
far from the tree
Fargo Tbakhi (he/him) is a queer Palestinian-american writer, performer, and aspiring muppet from phoenix, arizona. his work has been published or is forthcoming in Cotton Xenomorph, Yes, Poetry, Up the Staircase Quarterly, The Ellis Review, Crab Fat Magazine, Cosmonauts Avenue, Glass: A Journal of Poetry and Peach Mag. he tweets @YouKnowFargo and probably wants to hold your hand.

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