MISFIT DOC: Questions and Answers

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Hello Quora thanks for listening I have a few questions not too many, how are you? haha have you ever seen someone who looked completely dead inside? and when did you first realize that you don’t really know anyone and do pilots tell the passengers on a plane when they’re about to crash? does my therapist actually care about what I’m saying, or is it a charade what’s it like to live in Kansas City, MO and also what makes Elon Musk so good at email communication and which phone does Elon Musk have and what was Elon Musk’s GPA at UPenn and did the severe bullying that Elon Musk received in school contribute psychologically to his present entrepreneurial make-up and what should I do when I get tired of living?

Answers: Pretty awful, honestly; Yes; When my mother murdered some people; Sometimes; If you care about the answer to this question you should try to figure out why; Good; He forbids the use of acronyms; HTC Droid; Possibly high/mediocre; Yes; Wait.


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