Torpid Slivers #27

In recent years, back-of-head-masks sold by artisans during the carnival season have been subject to increased experimentation and deviation from familiar motifs. Unfortunately, smugglers now exploit this development by placing full-grown specimens of the rare Armored grass cricket (Acanthoplus gryllus verus) into special harnesses and passing them off as realistic back-of-head-masks with moving parts. In this guise they are sold to wealthy tourists and foreign insect enthusiasts during revelry.

Said to resemble the traditional clown (and erstwhile faun) Charmident, the Armored grass cricket’s head can grow to roughly the size of an adult human face, dwarfing the rest of its body. It subsists only on certain fast-growing grasses endemic to its very restricted habitat, and should not be removed from its home or fondled excessively.

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